Where it begins and ends

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur cruise was roundtrip from St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  We actually arrived a day before the cruise departed and spent the first night at the Marriott’s Frenchman’s Reef resort.  It was a perfectly adequate resort, a little larger and more crowded than one that David and I normally would prefer but was well situated and had lovely views.Image

We spent our first twenty-four hours in the Caribbean beachside and poolside, happy to adjust to much warmer temperatures.


Because we were pretty lazy before we left for the cruise, we didn’t see much of the island beyond the Marriott. However, when we returned, we did do an island tour, mostly to kill time before our afternoon flight. But, as it turns out, much of St. Thomas is lovely.


Above is a picture of beautiful Magen’s Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Just don’t tell that to a few people that were on our cruise ship.  Although I really enjoyed meeting most people on the boat, there were a few people that drove me crazy.  There were a couple of them on this tour, as they spent the entire time talking about how inferior St. Thomas was to St. Barth, because there were poor people on St. Thomas. That was basically the gist of the argument. It made me very, very mad.  It also made me like St. Barth even less than I already did, because it confirmed my suspicion that some people choose to go to St. Barth just because the name has cache and are incapable of seeing beauty in less fashionable places. I do not have any patience for these kind of people and do not want to spend any of my precious time with people who are incapable of seeing beyond labels.

David and I thought St. Thomas was pretty. Yes, it is crowded. Yes, real people live there, not just billionaires with fancy vacation homes.  But it also has real spirit and soul, unlike other places that have sold out to merely be fashionable.


We enjoyed great views all around on St. Thomas.


Here is one more story from the St. Thomas airport (which was terrible, because stupid US Customs and Border Patrol requires everyone leaving the Virgin Islands coming back to the U.S. to go through customs, which is a ridiculous way to treat a U.S. Territory where people are natural-born citizens).  We were beginning to board our flight to JFK, for which David and I had first class tickets. They made the announcement for first class boarding, and we were getting ready to have our tickets checked, when in front of us we saw one of the most obnoxious couples from the boat. They were younger, on the cruise with the girl’s parents, and they had driven me crazy earlier because of their going on and on about St. Barth, and their obnoxious behavior on the St. Kitts ziplining outing.  Everyone had to be weighed before going on the zipline, and the girl had gone on and on about how she weighed 95 pounds so everyone on the shuttle could hear it. Ugh, I really disliked these people. So, there they were ahead of us, arguing with the gate agent who wouldn’t let them board because they didn’t have first class tickets. “But we are priority!” The girl kept yelling at the agent. The agent told her to go stand aside, and she reached around them to grab our tickets. We glided onto the plane. I have to admit, I got much more enjoyment out of that than I should have. But I hate it when people think they are the center of the universe.  It is always a reminder to me too to be a nicer person and never act with that kind of entitlement, and to just feel grateful and lucky that I am able to go on these trips.

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