So 2013 is trying to be a jerk too…

Remember when I said that I was determined to make sure that 2013 was a better year than 2012? Well, as it turns out, the year 2013 appears to be trying to test my resolve with that already.  Remember when I talked about being healthier? Yes, this year is testing my resolve to do that to.  As it turns out, I have had a painful few weeks thanks to a rather large ovarian cyst that has developed. It makes it painful to do just about anything, and it makes me feel gross no matter what I attempt to eat.  The worst part about this is that David and I are leaving in a couple of days for a trip to the Caribbean, and one way or another, I am going to have to deal with some pain.  I am going to have a procedure done tomorrow to try to drain the cyst, but it will still hurt for a few days.  Hopefully, it won’t redevelop after they drain it.

The doctor doesn’t know what is causing the cyst, so yes, I have some concerns about that too.  There isn’t a day that goes by when I feel like I don’t get to be reminded of how much of a failure my reproductive organs are. That is probably too much information for the internet, but I have had no small amount of anxiety over what is going on inside of me.


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