A Happy Weekend

Last weekend David and I went to see our friends Erin and Matt in DC as Erin delivered their first baby on Friday afternoon. It was a pretty special weekend.  I feel pretty lucky to have witnessed the amazing calmness with which Erin and Matt transformed into parents.  In watching friends and family paying visits to Erin and Matt and their new little one, I was struck with how easily they shared their happiness with everyone else in their hospital room.  Seriously, I cannot fathom what it is like to make that transition into becoming a parent, but I cannot imagine anyone being capable of doing it with more grace than Matt and Erin did.

Their little boy was a perfect gentleman with his visitors too.  He slept well, ate like a champ, and barely cried.

It was so special for us for Matt and Erin to include us.  Sometimes I feel like life is passing David and I by, watching everyone else becoming parents for the first time or adding to their families. Some days, I even have to stay off Facebook because it seems like every time I am on their someone is announcing a birth or pregnancy.  But this weekend, I was just so happy to see good friends, who also had to wait much longer than they planned to become parents, experiencing the joy of becoming parents.  Their little boy is so lucky, because they are going to be pretty great parents.  It was so special to be a part of that, and to feel grateful for good friends and happy families.

2 thoughts on “A Happy Weekend

  1. I know this will not sound like empathy,but I feel exactly the same way when people get promoted or buy a house. The fact that we live with G’s parents is a huge source of embarrassment. I just want to skip the part of my friends’ lives that make me so jealous: home ownership, paying off student debt, etc. I know I sound so superficial…it’s hard to explain. I know I am blessed to have a child. Just know you are not alone in feeling like life is passing you by.

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