Cry, the Beloved Country

After posting about something that made me so happy yesterday, today’s news made my stomach feel hollow.  I am not talking about North Carolina’s loss to Duke last night which probably doesn’t cause the sadness in most other people that it does in me. I am talking about this news about Oscar Pistorius, and what transpired at his home last night. We don’t know all the details about what happened, and I am trying to suspend judgment until we know more facts about what happened and why it happened, but it is so sad.  It is sad because a young woman in the prime of her life is now gone and a hero has been brought down in the worst kind of way.

During last summer’s Olympics in London, his story was one of the most inspiring. I loved following the South African athletes, and his story in particular was just so special. But maybe there are no real heroes anymore.

It makes me sad for South Africa, because it seems like almost anytime a story about South Africa gets any airtime in the United States, it is something negative. And the story about Pistorius up until now was so positive, so good.  And now, the news stories go right back into a discussion about what most Americans think of when they think of South Africa – crime and violence (because Americans love pointing out the flaws in other countries, while failing to see the flaws in our own). I know South Africans must be devastated today. I am too; shocked again that something so terrible could happen in a place so beautiful. It happens there far too much. It happens here far too much.

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