Some Days the Internet Makes Me Happy

   Today I read an entry on a blog that I follow, Africa is a Country, and learned about Colin Greenwood (of Radiohead fame) and his recent trip to South Africa on behalf of the Children’s Radio Network.  The soundbytes on the blog post made my whole day considerably brighter.  This blog post led me to Colin Greenwood’s webpage devoted to his trip to South Africa on behalf of the CRF.  I listened some more and it made me happier to hear stories about these kids and their hard work.  I went to the CRF website and donated, because I think that this is such a great cause for children. It gives them a voice, allows them to be engaged in a dialogue about their lives and their futures. It allows them to think critically and see the value of good research. Archbishop Desmond Tutu says it much better here than I can.

   I have been thinking a lot about the ways we grown-ups get things wrong when it comes to our children. There are so many ways that we can hurt them.  I know that because I do not have children of my own that to some, my opinions on the matter don’t amount to much. But when I look and see something so good and so positive involving children, it just makes me so very happy. I know I will be listening to these kids share their stories every week.

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