Wintertime Treats

Early December is a mixed bag here in North Carolina. One day, the highs will be in the mid to upper 70’s, the next day, it will be in the 50’s.  That is cold enough for me to appreciate the following two things:

1. Knightley’s nighttime snuggles: Knightley has been more clingy than ever at just the time in my life when I appreciate it the most. I love that my dog seemingly loves me so much. I say seemingly, because who really knows what goes on in the mind of a dog, but he sure seems to really like me.e

2. The Red Tea Lattes at the Nordstrom E-Bar: I find myself making up excuses to go to Nordstrom at least once or twice a week just so I can avail myself of these delicious treats. Starbucks used to have a vanilla rooibos tea latte on its menu, but it tasted like garbage compared to the Nordstrom version. The fact is, when David and I decided upon a home to live in, we thought off-hand that it was pretty convenient to live so close to Southpoint, but we had no idea at the time that the Nordstrom Cafe would be our go to restaurant whenever we don’t know what we want to eat (seriously, they should gift us our own table at that place for as often as we go), and I had no idea of the gloriousness that would one day be the Red Tea Latte at the E-Bar.

Even though Nordstrom is a convenient ten minute drive from our house, sometimes, that is too far, so I have begun experimenting with making my own version at home.  I picked up an Aerolatte from the Williams-Sonoma last time I was at Southpoint (and then discovered it was slightly cheaper at Sur La Table too late). Frothy milk – check. My favorite rooibos tea blend is the straight up Twinings Rooibos Tea, instead of the grocery store brand blends that usually include other ingredients. I like to add my own vanilla and a sprinkle of brown sugar before I blend with the steamed, frothy milk. I finish it off with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top.  This has become my go to nighttime treat to relax before I go to bed every night.  It does the trick.

Knightley and tea. Tea and Knightley.

Also, since I already seem like such a wannabe Brit, that I appreciate these things particularly since my favorite Brits both real life and fictional are pregnant (because I am pretty sure Lady Mary is going to be preggo on the Christmas episode of Downton), and so my list of childless peers continues to diminish (not that royalty and fictional television characters are my peers, but well, misery loves company and all that).

Also, I have gotten considerable entertainment over this hilarious British blog, which I find particularly funny considering I have told David he cannot buy red pants on numerous occasions.  I was afraid he would look like a prat, and looks like my judgment was right on that score.

However, I too sound like a complete idiot for writing, and even worse posting this blog entry, so I guess I am no worse than the red pants wearers.


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