Let’s talk facts for a moment. Life is too short to realize that you wasted the precious little time that you had to mimic the dancing of Congolese pop stars like General Defao et Le Big Stars. I came to that realization today, about the same time that I came to the realization that I would give anything to be nineteen years old again back on a bus somewhere in rural Tanzania watching the above music video with the volume turned up way too loudly. At the time, I am sure I complained about it giving me a headache. Now, I wish that I would have gotten up in the aisles and danced along to the video screen.**

** Assuming there were not dozens of people sitting and standing in the aisles, of course, which depending on the bus ride was quite likely. Even in the air-conditioned comfort of a “video express” bus, that doesn’t necessarily mean there was room in the aisles to dance.

Now I am middle-aged, and I routinely fall down the stairs in my house (just a couple of days ago I had a particularly graceful fall), so I find it much more of a challenge to shake my backside quite the same.

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