A Vain Attempt

new haircut 2

I am just going to admit it. Today, when I went to my every six weeks pre-scheduled hair appointment, I showed my stylist Anna a picture of the Duchess of Cambridge’s new haircut. It was the first time I ever showed a picture to get my haircut. Yes, this makes me completely ridiculous, but I totally wanted her bangs. So I got them. Sure, my hair isn’t quite as long, and definitely not as perfectly curled (my hair does not hold curl at all), but the new bangs have perked me right up.  So I had to be vain and take a few pictures, because without my stylist blowing out my hair daily, I doubt that my hair will ever be as perfectly smooth again. Well, at least not until I go back in another six weeks. So, excuse my vanity for uploading two pictures of myself in the same post, because I don’t think my hair will look this good again for a long time.

I told David that I wanted to get in on the ground floor of this new Kate haircut, because I think it is going to be huge. And yes, since I have been feeling so old lately because of everything going wrong with my body, I feel like this haircut will at least help me feel like I a recovering my youth.

new haircut

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