It had been my general perception that the fall colors this year were not as bright as in past years.  Then, yesterday, I realized that outside of our kitchen windows, our backyard looks like this –

North Carolina actually is pretty golden this year, after all.

It reminds me how much I love living among the deciduous hardwood trees, even if the beautiful colors forebode that we will soon be walking knee-high in leaves.  Knightley doesn’t seem to mind (since the leaves are already knee-high to him).

I love this time of year in North Carolina because we get the beauty of fall leaves and it is still warm enough for the flowering shrubs to still be in bloom. The roses, camillas and gardenias are in bloom right now.  Even our annual marigolds are still beautiful –

Unfortunately, this all-together near-perfect growing conditions also means that the clover is trying to take over some of our planting beds, which means we have to spend hours weeding right now too.  Luckily, we don’t mind too much since we get to work outside with all of the other loveliness.

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