Treat Yo’self 2012

In the midst of all of the anxiety of ongoing infertility treatments, it is possible that I may have declared a treat yo’self 2012 day to enable me to purchase these Stuart Weitzman shoes from the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale:

Sorry, you can’t get them now through Nordstrom. They are all sold out, and on the day that the sale started, they happened to only be available in my size.  It was a sign. Looks like they are still available at full price on the Stuart Weitzman website, if you are in the mood to really treat yo’self.

That treat yo’self moment turned into a treat yo’self weekend, because Matt and Erin visited from DC this weekend.  After all, there is nothing more indulgent than a weekend with great friends, especially when those friends bring pie (The Baltimore Bomb).  The hardest thing for us about leaving DC was leaving our great friends there, of which Matt and Erin are but two examples. They were the first people we met on our first day at church in the Capitol Hill ward. They moved into our apartment building and we have since shared a lot – from a mutual adoration of SEC football, to blizzards, and countless Sunday dinners.  They have been friends with us through some of the most difficult and trying times of our lives, and I trust those two with pretty much anything.  I feel like we lucked out in our adult lives in making two friends for life with those two. We love living in North Carolina, but we haven’t made any Matt and Erin caliber friends (of course, they may not exist anywhere else).  Our ward right now is nothing close to what the Capitol Hill ward was to us.  So, a weekend spent laughing with Matt and Erin feels like such a great treat yo’self time, because we don’t get that every day here. We just have good basketball, good barbecue, and the close proximity of great family (which definitely is a bonus of NC).  We miss out on great friends, though.

The final part of Treat Yo’self 2012 was of course watching the Downton Abbey Series 3 finale last night.  Too much resolution. And with that, Treat Yo’self 2012 is officially over.

Thankfully, North Carolina basketball season starts this week so I will have another distraction.

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