Aunt Disney

Going to Disney world as part of a childless couple is a very strange experience. I was alternately sad because I don’t have kids of my own to enjoy the place with, or immensely relieved that the kids acting up around me weren’t my primary concern.  Of course, going to Disney World with Mom, Melissa, and Harry, meant that we were not childless in this Disney experience.  It was great fun to see Harry experience Disney World for the first time, and made the trip entirely memorable.  There were specific things he liked and specific things that he didn’t like either.  This is no surprise as to be in our family, one must not be ambivalent about things. One must hold strong opinions, and Harry certainly did.

Harry’s Dislikes:



Harry’s Loves:

1. The “ho-teel”, where he could play with his toys and watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the balcony.

(We stayed at the Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary in a 2 bedroom villa with plenty of room for Harry to run around with his cars.)

During the day, this was our view:

We also had a view of the Orlando Temple in the distance, where David and I were married.

2. Harry loved any place in the park where he could play the drums. We managed to find these areas in the Magic Kingdom (waiting for the Pooh ride), at Epcot (in the World Showcase), and in the Animal Kingdom.

3. Harry loved swimming and the slide at the “ho-teel” pool.

3. Harry loved any train that he saw in the park – the monorail, the train around the Magic Kingdom, the train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch in the Animal Kingdom, or the miniature train in the World Showcase at Epcot.

4. Harry loved being outside and he loved seeing the animals in the safari ride in Africa. We have this in common. It is my favorite ride too.

5. Harry loved the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger spin at the Magic Kingdom.

6. Harry loved this chair in the lobby of our resort:

7. Harry loved meeting the classic Disney Characters at Chef Mickey’s and at Donald’s Safari Lunch in the Animal Kingdom. I think he loved Goofy the most.

8. Harry loved any opportunity to dance.

9. Harry loved a good view. Here he is checking out the views from the California Grill restaurant on top of the Contemporary.

10. Harry loved his Mickey Ears.

What did I love? Well, in addition to loving all of the above, I also loved just spending time with my family, of course!

Also, Mom’s great Disney faces:

David working in the middle of the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot:

Our little boat ride around the Disney lakes:

We may have our own way of doing things at Disney, which mostly means avoiding all of the princess crap like the plague, but we always manage to have a great time at Disney World.  I am already looking forward to our next jaunt back. Hopefully next time, Melissa won’t be feeling so sick and Harry won’t be so afraid of pirates.

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