Turn this month around

I am hoping for October to be a better month, not just because the cocker spaniel for October on my cocker spaniel calendar looks like Knightley.

So let’s start with some good music to turn the direction of all things around. Beyonce’s baby sis released this song today and it is tight! I am not just talking about the song because I love the video too!  This video has a perfect fashion sense, sweet dance moves that I will be attempting to replicate, and it was filmed in South Africa.

Favorites –

Shoes: The leopard print slippers at the beginning

Dance move: The move at 3:14 is the first one I will be trying out.

Solange look: There are almost too many to pick from here but the solid orange suit with the green print shirt as well as the print suit she is wearing when dancing in front of the tailoring shop are my two favorites, I think.

Dapper Dude: The guy in the lime green shirt with the tie that looks like it is fit for a morning coat who is sipping the tea (Also, I should mention that these well-dressed gents are actually members the Congolese society ‘La SAPE’ (Societe des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elegantes) of the which is highlighted in the beautiful book, Gentlemen of Bacongo)

All of the women in the video are too beautiful for words, but the woman with the shaved head sitting in front of Solange on the minibus and the woman with the long braids are better looking than any Russian fashion model.

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