Cake Walked Goodbye

A couple of weeks ago, we sent off a very good friend to her new job in Alabama with a birthday/farewell celebratory cake party.  I have been wanting to host my own Cake Walk party for quite some time. You see, when I was a kid at McArthur Elementary School we had a spring carnival every year. Year after year, there was only booth that was of any interest to me – the cake walk booth. I would spend all of my tickets walking in a circle, trying to win a cake. I never did.  I was always confused when people used the expression “such a cake walk” to describe something incredibly easy. Sure, it may be easy to walk in a circle but actually winning a cake is very tough! So now that I am an adult and more in control of things, I thought I certainly would win in a cake walk that I organized.

And so, I baked four cakes, and then the party revellers brought cakes of their own. The rules were easy. When your number is called, you win a cake, and you have the option of deciding whether we could eat the cake now or  you take it home for later. There were so many cakes to choose from!

Wouldn’t you know it? My cake walk failures have continued, even into adulthood.  Not only did I not win, but I came in third from last! That means almost everyone else got to pick out a cake before me.

But maybe I was the real winner, because as it turns out, no one picked my Lane Cake that I baked (it is the white cake in the center of the picture above). So yes, I selected my own cake, and I felt like a winner, because I know that cake is pretty much the best cake ever. Also, the Lane Cake was even more fitting for the occasion, because it is a cake that was born in Alabama.  Haven’t you ever read To Kill a Mockingbird? (FYI: I use the Cook’s Country recipe for Lane Cake.)

So, I let my winning Lane Cake become Tracy’s birthday cake for the evening.

I think what is important to remind myself here, is that more than the thousands of calories of sugar that was consumed that evening, the real main event for the evening was everyone coming to express best wishes for Tracy in her future life in Alabama.  We will all miss her very much.

Cake Walk, one of these days I will conquer you!

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