Frog Days of Summer

This blog has been neglected for several weeks as I have been forced to come to the realization that summer is rapidly drawing to its conclusion. It is has been hot now in North Carolina for what seems like 524 years, so I am not entirely saddened by the approach of the start of the school year and the fall.

A few weeks ago I was up in Boston for the annual meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries. What happens at those conference does not bear repeating on a blog (in part because I don’t want to bore the five people who read this blog). The best part of the conference is always having the ability to catch up with old friends while I am there. This year, I had the added bonus of being able to see my fantastic friend Katie and her family, since the conference was being held where she resides. We spent a pretty perfect Boston day in the parks and green spaces of downtown Boston.  This was in fact, the only time I snapped any pictures during my stay in Boston, and I did it with my iPad.

We played in the Frog Pond and rode the swan boats in Boston Common:

I was also treated to little C’s performance art interpretation of sculptures we passed along our meandering walks:

Having to go to boring meetings is certainly made more tolerable by spending time with great people. When I am able to spend time with Katie, I feel like myself again. I feel so lucky to have some pretty great friends in my life.

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