Midnight in Paris for Me

I have said before on this blog that I don’t think I ever want to live in a city again, which is still mostly true. There are facts of Paris that almost make me question that. My favorite activities on this trip to Paris were the long walks after dinner every night.  We had reservations at about 8 every night, and after a leisurely dinner, would finish at about 10.  In the month of June in Paris, it would still be light outside at that time, and we would walk through the twilight every evening in a different part of town. I loved it. It helped me digest my eight course chef’s tasting menu dinners so much better.  Even though it rained a few of the days we were in Paris, it always seemed like the weather was perfect at this time of evening.  That is the part of living in Paris that I would want to have every single day. But then I remember that no city in the U.S. is like Paris in its beauty, and that even in Paris, June is only one month a year.  Late night walks in November might not be so pleasant.

We didn’t find any time portals back to the 1920s, but we enjoyed our walks all the same.

We also found small treats on these walks, like the French version of my parents’ street, Sauls Road, in Montmontre. As in the Mississippi version, it too has agile rabbits.

The only visit we paid to some of the more popular tourist destinations like the Louvre and Notre Dame were made on these evening walks.  I hate crowds generally, and crowds of tourists are even worse, so at least we were spared the worst of it.

On Sunday evening we stumbled upon lots of Egyptians celebrating the election on the Champs-Elysees. I had first mistaken them for Italians getting ready for the Euro Cup match with England that night.

I wish I could spend every evening walking like this in such a beautiful place.

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