A Nearly-Forgotten French Love

I may have recently said that I used up all of my adorable French anecdotes the last time I went to Paris, but I forgot one other thing that I love about France – French rap about social issues. My French III and IV teacher in high school introduced us to French “social issues” rap, and I pretty much loved it.  Social issues rap is generally the best kind (that is why I love M.I.A. so much), and I appreciate the fact that it takes itself so seriously.

So this week, I am sort of in love with this song.  I also think that Gael Faye speaks French so beautifully, that it kind of reminds me all of the reasons why I fell in love with the French language.

Also, having watched The Intouchables this weekend I am more excited about the Paris trip this week. I think I realized that it is all of the bourgeois notions of Paris that give me so much anxiety about it the same way that the bourgeois elements of life in America also gives me social anxiety.   It is the same way that I find it similarly distressing that Europeans haven’t been able to build an inclusive society any better than Americans have managed to do so. Their banlieues are no different from our own neglected places.

Here is the trailer for The Intouchables –

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