Where Sincerity Always has a Home

The older I get, the more I realize that many people live their lives to put on a show for others.  These same people purport to be whatever is trendy and considered fashionable at the time.  This kind of superficiality when dealing with people has made it hard for me to want to meet new people for a very long time.  I have a very fine filter, but I like to think that I am a good finder of authenticity amongst my friends.  My introversion absolutely keeps me from meeting and getting-to-know people who I am sure are very good, but it also filters out from me having to deal too often with people who are in it for the show.

Where this filter came from is my parents. I love Mom and Dad for many reasons, but one of the reasons that I love them the most is that throughout my life, I have never witnessed my parents being something other than themselves. I have never witnessed them putting on airs or being ashamed to be themselves. They also have little patience for phonies.  That trait was definitely passed down to my sisters and I. It is why we each are pretty comfortable in being who we are.  It is also why each of us are quite different in many ways, but similar in the essentials. My parents grounded us in reality, and so we all lose patience with people who insist on triviality.

Mom and Dad have some difficult challenges they are facing right now, but they bear them with patience and realism. My trip to Missisippi just made me appreciate them even more. They work so very, very hard.  It is in part why they don’t have time for all of those fake accoutrements that ruin other people.  I love them so very much and feel so lucky to have them as my parents.

Here they are with their very favorite grandson, with whom I love watching them play.

It is very lucky for Dad that Harry loves the farm and tractors so much. He has been waiting his whole life to have a little boy to whom he can teach tractors and farm life.  Here he is showing Harry how the different parts on the orange tractor work.

In this picture Dad is showing Harry how the hay bales get picked up and moved by the tractor. Harry was very fascinated to watch the working tractors.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for all that you do.

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