I love going home for so many reasons. Of course, the most significant reason is that I love seeing my parents, and also being able to see Melissa and Harry, as I did on this trip.  What makes going home in June particularly fantastic is that my parents’ garden is amazing this time of year.  Seriously, we may have had a completely mild winter and a rainy spring, but it means that I was able to eat the best cherry tomatoes of my life. I will take it.  When people from other places think of Southern food, they commonly think of fried things, and they ignore the fact that in the summertime in the South, we are known for our love of fresh veggies. This whole “local foods” “grow your own food” concept may just be catching on in trendier parts of the country, but it always has been a fact of life in the rural South.  We dined on fresh veggies picked earlier in the day every single night I was in Mississippi. Coming back to North Carolina, my parents loaded me up with goodies and on my first night back, Sarah, Tracy and I enjoyed a “vegetable plate dinner” – corn on the cob with lime and chili powder, boiled potatoes with herbs from my porch garden, roasted cherry tomatoes with fresh basil, and sautéed squash with onions.  I will be sad when my stash of fresh veggies (and berries) is exhausted. In the meantime, I will be making fresh blueberry muffins for breakfast.

Mom and Dad’s garden is enormous and would take up my entire backyard.

This is what our haul of fresh ripe veggies looked like every day:

Mom and Dad also dug a laundry basket load of potatoes:

And then all of the corn started coming on, and Mom had to shuck some:

As it happened, we realized that both Harry and Knightley  enjoyed corn on the cob.

Did I mention all of the fresh blueberries we were able to pick too?

I have eaten at many fancy restaurants in my day, but nothing compares to how delicious the food from Mom and Dad’s garden tastes.

2 thoughts on “Homegrown

    1. I am pretty jealous of my parents’ garden too. This year we have been so busy, our vegetable garden is not doing so well because we haven’t had enough time to devote to it. Everything is getting eaten, and not by us.

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