No Time Left

Because June and July are going to be incredibly busy months of travel for David and I, we took a low-key approach to Memorial Day weekend. We had to, because we needed to finish weeding and mulching our garden, and the last area that we had to clear out was the worst and most time-consuming of them all. We finished on Monday afternoon, and so David would have the next couple of days to appreciate the fruits of his hard work before jetting off to LA.  For the next month he will be in LA, Charlotte, Mississippi (with me for a day), Seattle, Utah, Denver, the California variety of Orange County, Washington D.C., Berlin and Paris.  I will be traveling to Charlotte and Mississippi to visit my family and hopefully will be able to catch up with David in D.C. and maybe even Paris later in the month.  Then in July, I know we will be taking a weekend trip to New York and then I have a work trip to Boston. David’s work schedule is never planned that far in advance, so who knows where he will be heading then. Suffice to say, this summer is slipping away very quickly. Since we didn’t plan a big vacation on par with South Africa and Spain the last two years, I naively thought this summer would be one of less travel. It never quite turns out that way.

So with the work outside this weekend, we took some time to smell the flowers (we have three different kinds of gardenias blooming in our yard right now, after all). We have a few other varieties in bloom right now to enjoy, so I can try to forget about the fact that I think next week is going to be the best week for the hydrangea blooms, and they are my favorite.

Note: These pictures were taken before the weeding and mulching were complete.

I also should mention that David’s flower arranging skills apparently exceed my own. I just throw all of the different colors of roses together in the same vase, and he carefully selects and separates them out.  The results are very lovely, particularly when Knightley decides to photobomb the flower shot in a bid to earn some attention that he needs a treat at that moment.

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