More Gardens More Ticks

This weekend we were privileged with the company of Matt and Erin, visiting from DC. The weather was lovely, and so in addition to stuffing our selves with Allen & Son barbecue on Saturday, we enjoyed some shady walking at the North Carolina Botanical Garden. There, we contemplated different varieties of magnolia and giant chess boards.  I still am of the opinion that I can’t look at any attempt at a life-sized chess board without thinking of Harry Potter’s wizards’ chess.

But, we didn’t have time for such games.

Instead, we went to Nana’s for dinner that night, where I realized not only was I feasting, but an obnoxious tick, who obviously dropped on me in the garden, had decided to feast on my neck. While that might cause others to lose their appetite, the tasting menu at Nana’s was too delicious for me to allow for that to happen.

Seriously, North Carolina, I love you, but your ticks are out of control this year. I can’t be outside for more than ten minutes without feeling like I am hosting legions of these parasites. It makes me wish that I was enjoying the gardens of the Chelsea Flower Show in London right now, away from this tick-infested wilderness that we call America.

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