A Hat Changed Everything

So, I have this iPad. Yes, I thought the day would never come that I would possess an Apple product, but I was wrong. Mostly I shrug my shoulders about all of the things that people supposedly love about the iPad, because big freaking deal. Today, all of that changed as I discovered the LoveHats.com app.  Seriously, I not only can browse some of the most beautiful hats in the world, but thanks to the wonder of technology, I can try them all on electronically and imagine all of the wonderful pretend events to which I would wear the hats.  It really is a life changing kind of app.

Pretend event one: A springtime outdoor picnic celebrating the North Carolina basketball team. I would wear this $890 Gina Foster hat.


Pretend Event 2: Being cast as Mrs. White in a remake of the classic film Clue. Gina Foster Millennium hat $586

Pretend Event 3: If I was invited to the Royal Enclosure at Ascot. Gina Foster Krupp hat $773 (Except my memory seems to recall that it is possible that Sophie, Countess of Wessex may have worn this hat already, so I might have to rethink this selection.)

Pretend Event 4: Attending some event at which Victoria is Beckham is being mocked, since she wore a similarly shaped hat to the royal wedding last year. Philip Treacy London Gondola Hat $3,044 (Except that is a lot of cash to drop on a hat that I don’t even like that much just to mock someone).

Pretend Event 5: If my sister Sarah ever gets married, I promise I will rock this hot pink flying saucer hat. Philip Treacy London Papal Pointed Disc $1,428.

Pretend Event 6:  Actually, I don’t need an imaginary event for the following hat. I would wear this to church on Sunday. The python-like appearance of the pillbox would make me look so tough to all of those teenaged girls in Young Women. Gabriela Ligenza Faberge Pillbox $1,124

Pretend Event 7 – This would be a great hat to wear to the garden party that David and I will be hosting when our garden vision is finally brought to fruition sometime in 2015 or beyond.  Gina Foster Allnatt $578


Pretend Event 8: I would wear this hat to honor the Queen at some event celebrating the Diamond Jubilee year. Jill Courtemarche Millinery Francine Hat $461


Pretend Event 9:  I would wear this hat to a summertime Daughters of the American Revolution luncheon. Gabriela Ligenza Onion Rose Bibi $1,015

Pretend Event 10: Finally, I would wear this hat to an awesome person’s funeral, because I don’t know any way better to honor someone you really love than to show them that they are worthy enough for you to wear an awesome hat on the day you celebrate their memory. Beth Morgan Jitterbug hat $305

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