Very Good Sunsets

I still maintain that the best sunsets are found on the African continent.  Nonetheless, the sunsets on the north coast of Kaua’i can be pretty beautiful too.  I already posted some of the pictures of the lovely sunset that we observed on our anniversary.  Here is a look at another spectacular sunset that we witnessed on the patio at the bar at the St. Regis.

It’s hard to be the judge of what is the perfect sunset, because, of course, it is subjective. My own personal test doesn’t just look at the beauty of the sun and the surrounding sky, but how the light gets reflected onto the faces of those around.  This is where I am pretty sure nothing compares to Africa. The light of the sunset at Shamwari as reflected in the face of David is seared into my brain and will probably be the last image that flashes in my mind as I someday slip from this mortal world.  So, if that is my measure, it is pretty hard to compete with perfection.

The sunsets at Kaua’i were beautiful, and breathtaking, but not quite up to that standard.  However, it did look pretty lovely as reflected in the windows at the St. Regis behind me.

Seeing the long canoes out in Hanalei Bay right as the sun was going down was pretty unforgettable too.

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