Four Years

David really outdid himself for our anniversary this year. I am not just talking about the trip to Kaua’i, which was amazing in and of itself. In addition to that, he really made sure that the day of our anniversary was particularly special.  I told him, he just made it really difficult for himself, as I don’t know how he could ever top this in the future. We woke up to a spectacular morning and had breakfast at the Makana Terrace.

After a delicious breakfast, it was off to the Halele’a Spa at the St. Regis.  I am not even joking when I say that I had the best facial of my life there. Seriously. I had the Halele’a Kinara Custom Facial. Many of the prior times I have had facials, yes, it feels nice to have someone pamper you face, decolletage, and shoulders, but you walk out and look at yourself in the mirror and feel like you can’t really see anything different.  The worst facials are the ones where a couple of days later, my face breaks out in protest to whatever products were used.  I have highly sensitive skin; it happens. This one, when I walked out and looked in the mirror, my skin looked positively radiant. They cleaned my skin better than it ever has been in my entire life and the lactic acid peel just made it glow.

After the spa, we headed in to Hanalei town to Bubba’s Burgers for lunch for a pretty tasty burger.

Can you see my glowing skin as I enjoy my Diet Coke?

David looks more relaxed after his massage, too.

Next on the itinerary was an afternoon helicopter ride over the entire island. This was my first time ever on a helicopter. Aside from the presence of two of my St. Regis poolside nemeses (two unruly teenaged boys), it was a pretty spectacular flight.

We started the flight over the Hanalei valley and spotted many beautiful waterfalls.

We caught glimpses of Mount Waialeale, the top of which is almost permanently shrouded in clouds since it is the wettest spot on the planet in terms of annual rainfall averages.

The tallest mountain on Kaua’i is Kawaikini.  When it was a volcano, it exploded sideways making a very interesting crater, quite different in appearance from some of the other well-known craters in Hawaii.

Here is that famous waterfall from Jurassic Park where they landed the helicopter in the movie.

We flew over the Waimea Canyon, the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”

Finally, it was time for some stunning views of the Na Pali Coast.

I like this view of Makana or “Bali Hai.”

Finally, here is a bird’s-eye view of Hanalei Bay (you can also see the St. Regis).

After the helicopter ride, we headed back to the pool for a little R&R before dinner.

Here is where things get a little bit interesting. After the pool, we returned to our room to get ready for dinner, and the power went out. We thought it was just our room, but then we went out in the hallway and realized it was our entire resort. As we were waiting in the lobby to be escorted down for dinner, we found out it was the whole island that had lost power. Apparently, there was a major fire at the one power station on the island. No one had any idea when the power service would be restored, and for an hour, our perfect dinner plans were in jeopardy.

David not only surprised me with the helicopter ride, but for dinner, I found out he planned a private dinner directly on the beach.  With the help of our butler, Drew, he met with the chef to plan out the menu.  We had a perfect view of the sunset. As we sat watching it, sipping sparkling apple cider, our food fate hung in the balance. The chef was deciding whether or not it would be safe enough to operate the kitchen using emergency lights only.  Finally, we were told that we would in fact get our dinner and all was well.

Our delicious, special menu:

 Almost perfect sunset light:

Spectacular day from start to finish!

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