Straight Up Ballin’

Look, I understand that the technical definition of ballin’ means that you play some kind of “ball” for a living.  But I also think that ballin’ represents a lifestyle choice too, am I right? If there ever was an opportunity for me to say that I am ballin’ then this is the blog entry for that.  Last week, David surprised me with a trip to this place:

That’s the St. Regis Princeville , yo!  It happens to be situated in this beautiful place:

That’s the “Garden Isle” of Kaua’i, yo!

Upon arrival we were upgraded to a Prince Junior Suite. Our suite looked a little something like this:

It also included some special features like the following:

One of those recessing TVs built into the desk.

A huge picture window overlooking the ocean from the shower that took privacy into consideration, so it went from this:

To this (with the flip of a switch):

It also featured its own bar included in the price, which I think fits within the definition of ballin’.  Of course, that particular amenity was pretty meaningless to this Mormon couple except to make us feel more like ballers.

Not only did our shower feature a spectacular view, but of course, the suite did as well –

Yeah, that is just us hanging out in our room, in front of our window that looks out onto Hanalei Bay.

Finally, the room came with its own butler service.  Our butler, Drew, was sort of like what you would imagine Mr. Carson to be if Mr. Carson decided to move to Hawaii because he needed to spend more time surfing.  If I were more handy with the Photoshop, I might create a photo of Mr. Carson as a surfer and then tell the St. Regis that they could use that image to highlight their butler service. But I am not, so I will just have to ask you all to try to conjure up your own mental image of that.  Drew worked with David to plan some pretty spectacular anniversary surprises for me, which I will document here in future entries.  So yeah, a butler service = ballin’. Straight up.

Finally, you also know you are ballin’ when you see celebrities that don’t drive you up the wall hanging out at the same resort. I would not enjoy seeing many of those Hollywood types, but I did not mind seeing this dude catching the “dinner show” one night. It seems, he hangs out in Kauai when not pranking Tyler Swift. (Although, I realize taking a picture of a celebrity sighting means that I will have to deduct ballin’ points. Cuz a true baller don’t care, yo.)

To my credit, my ballin’ skills became more refined after a week at the St. Regis, as I didn’t even get my camera out when I saw John Slattery (of Mad Men fame) at the Kaua’i airport before we left on Saturday afternoon.  Nope, these are just normal people after all.

Finally, I close this entry with some poolside ballin’ at the St. Regis. Look, if you aren’t Lucille Bluth, a little poolside dining and relaxing is pretty perfect.


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