The Cutest Boy Comes to Town

That would be Harry, my adorable nephew.  I was so happy that Harry, Melissa, Mom, and Dad were all able to come visit us in North Carolina the second weekend in March. We had nothing but a fantastic time together.  I just get so sad when everyone has to leave and go back home again.

The weather was so perfect that wearing shorts and playing with the garden hose were entirely acceptable.

Of course, walking through parks and any other manner of outside activities were entirely appropriate as well.

Including an early Easter Egg hunt:

Of course, for Harry, there was always the desire for more time to spend inside my Dad’s truck:

And we could make a little bit of time for watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, of course.

Unfortunately, the time we have together is never quite enough. I wish Melissa, Harry, and Jordan were closer to North Carolina so I was able to see them much more often and it wasn’t such a long drive to get here.  My parents never even get time to relax because they come to visit and my Dad repairs our house while my Mom cleans it. Seriously, I have the most wonderful, thoughtful parents around.


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