Did I Forget to Mention?

I don’t know if I mentioned how much pleasure I received when watching a particular 15 seed upset a 2 seed in the NCAA Tournament this weekend. I think that this song explains it rather well:

This upset was so epic that there even was particularized Mormon, Book of Mormon humor to celebrate the event:

Of course, this joyous occasion was followed up by the sadness of Kendall Marshall’s injury in the round of 32. I am still pulling for those Tar Heels as I believe with or without Kendall Marshall, those guys have a lot of fight.  This even takes the pressure of expectations off of them and I just wish them all the best in the less than ideal circumstances they now find themselves in.

Now, we find ourselves in a situation that can be summed up by this Lord of the Rings meme –

Good luck Stilman White, and the rest of the Heels for the the journey ahead.

There is a reason why my bracket was named KMarshallIsMyHero this year. Nicest guy in college basketball.

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