Bittersweet 16

Look, it is one thing to be sad that as a Tar Heel fan, your team is less likely to win it all this year because of a probable season ending injury to Kendall Marshall (Yes, my bracket’s name in the Tournament Challenge is KMarshallIsMyHero). But, it is another thing when you think about it from the perspective of the kid.  Kendall Marshall seems like a great kid and I am so sad that this happened to him.  Last night, the first thing he tweeted wasn’t something that was about himself, but he tweeted his love for his team. That kind of unselfishness at a time of crisis is so admirable in any young person today.  This article about his parents realizing something went terribly wrong last night just made me cry.  These kids work so hard and for Kendall to potentially have his season come to an end this way, just makes me sad.

I believe in this Tar Heel team, though. It will be more difficult, for sure, but I still think that they can win without him.  It would be even better to win with him.  Win or lose, I will still love this team.

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