The word is FANCY

On Saturday night, we fancied it up and threw a Fancy Party at my friend Tracy’s house.  Tracy’s daughter A and I have been planning a fancy party ever since they returned to North Carolina from living in London, and so we finally broke out the coconut shrimp and fancied ourselves a soiree.

Of course, a fancy hat was one of my requirements for a sufficiently fancy affair.

With some help from my closet, we dressed Sarah to a close approximation of Lady Mary Crawley.

And A herself set the bar high for fanciness with her London High Street ensemble.

Look at this beautiful mother and daughter:

Note from above: We even rolled out the red carpet.

A helped plan the refreshments, so we included her favorites coconut shrimp, the ever so fancy pigs-in-a-blanket, cream puffs, and of course a couple of fancy cakes designed by Tracy.

Decorations included A’s beautifully decorated Valentine’s hearts:

For the entertainment of attendees, we created beautiful hand-crafted Valentines as our first craft. We had a variety of fancy glitter on hand to make some pretty beautiful cards.

Then, for the second activity, I realized my own lifelong dream of becoming a milliner. We were going to decorate fancy hats! Yes, I have stated before that if I ever had to do any sort of craft for a living, I think I would like to be a milliner.  Sadly, my lack of craftiness became quite apparent as I tried to make a hat for A’s friend C.  She picked out the decorations from the loot we assembled, and well, it came out looking something like this:

This is why I but fancy things instead of making them on my own, folks! Some of the other adults on hand-made better looking hats that looked far more appealing:

Here are A and I modeling our hats together:

While we were designing fancy hats, Mr. David entertained R, who didn’t have any desire to fancy himself more than his Spiderman t-shirt:

Of course, R also could not forever ignore the allure of a  fancy hat.

A night of fancy fun and adorableness was enjoyed by all!

Of course, I learned that it is best to leave the fine millinery to the professionals like Philip Treacy, Jane Corbett, and Sylvia Fletcher.

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