It will hurt for some time

I lack adequate words to describe how I feel about the outcome of the game last night. I can think of plenty of inadequate words to decribe how I feel about the self-described “cocky” Blue Devils, or what happened in the last two minutes of the game, or the questionable calls and no calls that were made.  If you want to have your heart broken again, for example, all you have to do is go read Stilman White or Dexter Strickland’s Twitter feeds from last night. Heartbreaking.  But in the end, only these three words of Roy Williams seem adequate: “This one hurts.” I am not going to make excuses or try to explain something unexplainable, but I just going to support those young Tar Heel players and try to move on. And I will never, never, never watch highlights of that winning shot.

Here is a picture of David and I before the game when I was feeling entirely more optimistic and hopeful:

Also, the day wasn’t a total loss. Julian’s was having a sale and I scored a great Rag and Bone dress for 75% off, so win!  And yesterday was Alex Julian’s birthday, so we received a delicious slice of his  Sugarland face cake while we shopped, so win! (Sadly the birthday wish didn’t come true, since Carolina lost the game. That is why you should never speak your birthday wishes aloud). David also found two good bow ties (one with a matching pocket square), and a belt. Good style is always a winner.  For example, when you factor in the style extra credit points UNC should have received last night for Dexter Strickland’s bow tie, UNC really actually won the game.  And that is the way I am going to remember it.

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