I have been waiting for this day for most of my life – the day that I finally am able to attend a UNC/Duke game in person.  Seriously, of all of the various permutations of obsessions that I have had throughout my life, North Carolina basketball has been the most enduring.  Now that the big day is here, I can barely breathe.

Yes, I recognize this makes me sound like a crazy person. But this is an enduring aspect of my personality that people who know me well know they either have to accept it, or choose not to accept me. It will never change. I have ruminated on this subject in this blog many times in years past – 2006 (although fortunately, David no longer considers himself to be a Duke fan) when I discussed JJ Redick’s ability to cry in basketball;  in 2008 when I remarked upon Roy Williams sincerity or when the Manning brothers attended the game; in 2010 when discussing Duke student-perpetuated stereotypes, or in 2011 when I put it all out there and explained this is a fixation that isn’t going away (and offered written proof from my 17-year-old self).

So with all of that established, let’s talk about game day and what I have been doing since 9pm tipoff is still too far away:

1. I can’t stop reading Twitter and the UNC players’ twitter feeds about getting ready for the game. Yes, I am the kind of person that gets pumped seeing pictures of Stilman White’s shoes or reading Leslie McDonald’s description of what his pregame dance will be “Pre-game dance going to consist of beef’n it up, the whop, south Dallas swagg, hard-head, heck my pre-game dance is going to be EVERYTHING!”

2. I ventured out of the law school building and over to main campus for lunch and was treated to overhearing a reading by the authors of Duke Sucks, saw the Pie a Dukie event, and caught a glimpse of both PJ Hairston and Big Z Tyler Zeller. Let me say this, I mentally had undersized PJ Hairston in person.  He is one filled out freshman!

3. David and I will shortly be venturing up to Franklin for some pregame eats and unrelated bow tie shopping at Julian’s.  Walking in a sea of Tar Heel fans, sure does me good.

4. Also, I have been listening to a lot of M.I.A. today on Spotify, if for no other reason than because it pumps a girl up. Just listen and watch the video to her new single Bad Girls and tell me that it doesn’t make you feel tough.

Where does all of this come from, you say?  Well, I may take it to another level, but the origins of this fixation comes from my dear old Mom. Remember when she here in November?  We went to the UNC-Texas game together for her birthday. And here is the kicker – before her days at Carolina, as a child she was a Duke fan!  Thanks for reforming, Mom and choosing the right!

Here is a poorly lit picture of my Mom’s birthday dinner inside of a Turkish restaurant on Franklin Street before the Texas game.

Thanks for teaching us right, Mom!

Now let’s go Tar Heels!

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