Shallow Thoughts for the Day

I know I shouldn’t pay attention to random pictures of royalty (or anything on the People magazine website), but I love these pictures of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their little black spaniel. Mostly because it reminds me of walking with David and our rambunctious black spaniel.  Also, it is a visual representation of why I think David and I should wear more Barbour clothing and why I want to hit up the Farlows sale in a big way.

The Downton Abbey Christmas Special already made me hope that my family can recreate this picture on the family farm in Mississippi when we are all together next:

Again, I want to stress my thoughts made in a previous blog post, I no longer consider myself a city person. When I see someone walking around city streets wearing Hunter wellies, I want to stab my eyes out. Those are meant for the mud, folks. Or at the very least, at least wear them to a cold beach as William and Catherine demonstrate above.  Maybe you can wear them if it is raining alot and you live in a place that lacks proper street drainage, or if you actually plan to be stomping in lots of puddles.

Maybe I can at least use these pictures to convince David to wear hats.

The next post will, of course, contradict all of these nice country thoughts and will be about our MLK weekend in Vegas.

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