The best time of the year

Yes, it has been a while since I have updated, which I know causes no small amount of sadness to my legions of loyal fans (legions = 2 people).  Of course I have an excuse. Of course. It is the same excuse that others use on their blog. It has been that time of year that is so highly anticipated that it makes doing anything else impossible. It is the time of year that brings magic and emotional highs and lows.  The magical season of …

Carolina basketball of course!

Yes, this year so far I have had the privilege of taking my Mom to a Carolina basketball game on her birthday (because that is the source of our love for Carolina basketball, duh) and haven’t yet seen Carolina lose a game at home. Of course, the big news is that this year my season ticket package included tickets to the DUKE GAME! Words cannot express my excitement about this. Only the above picture of Rameses dancing can attempt to convey my emotion.

Of course, the other highly anticipated return that has added to my excitement for this time of year is the return of Downton Abbey to Masterpiece Theater. Although it is possible that I may have already viewed all of Season 2 and maybe have already purchased Blue Ray copies of Season 2 (+ the absolutely perfect Christmas special) thanks to Amazon UK, I am nonetheless thrilled to watch it on Masterpiece.  If you haven’t seen it, or if you don’t have PBS, you probably should go to the online link and watch it there. Otherwise, what is the point of having a computer? I mean, I think the Internet solely consists to fuel my passion for Mary and Matthew, two fictional characters.

Oh yeah, it also is the New Year. But I don’t make any resolutions. I just don’t.

But here are my wishes for the New Year, because I would rather focus on pipe dreams entirely out of my control than things that I can somehow control by my own actions:

1. North Carolina wins the National Championship in basketball.

2. Mary and Matthew. That is all.

3. Healthy babies for all! (who want them)

4. Yeah Samake is elected President of Mali. (Yeah, I care more about the election of Mali than the election in the US, because well, look at my options here.)

5. Fashion bloggers stop acting like anything purchased from Forever 21 is worthy to be showcased on the Internet. I mean, doesn’t America own enough cheap crap from China?

6. All fashion bloggers grow up and get real jobs and stop feeling like they have to take pictures of themselves and their outfits and posting them on the Internet because they have an intense need for external validation from other people telling them that they look cute, which they seek online because they don’t actually have a real job to dress up for and go outside of their house everyday.  We get it, you are cute.

7. Warm sandy beaches. Trips to them I desire.

8.  That this is finally the year when all of those jerks out there finally get what is coming to them.

9. This is the year that I finally let go of desiring to see all of those jerks out there finally get what is coming to them. (Wait, I think that one may actually be a power within my control so it might not technically qualify as just a pipe dream wish).

10.  The Queen has a wonderful Diamond Jubilee year that bring so much joy that they inadvertently bring about World Peace.

So 2012, you better get busy.

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