It’s homemade!

I am not a craft/DIY kind of person generally.  However, when I saw Ina Garten make her own vanilla extract, I was intrigued and decided that I would try it myself.  It’s my kind of DIY project, easy to do with a big payoff … future delicious baked goods!

All you need are three things:

Those three items would be – a bottle of vodka, vanilla beans (10-15) and some kind of jar/or bottle with a sealable lid (I have these bottles that I picked up in Paris in 2006, and have never used for anything other than to sit on my counter, so I thought that one of those would be perfect for this use).

You just put all three things together.

Yes, even with something so simple, I still managed to mess it up because I didn’t get a big enough bottle of vodka to cover the vanilla beans.  So, I had to go back to get more vodka.

You then just let it sit for at least a month before using it as you would any other vanilla extract. As a bonus, you can use the beans too, which at the end of a month will be soaked through and you can just squeeze the seeds out of the middle instead of having to scrape them out.

I am sensing many special holiday melktarts in my future…

Maybe I could offer making homemade vanilla up as a skill to share at Relief Society Enrichment night. I’ve never once been able to make a contribution to those gatherings.

But yeah, speaking of DIY/crafting, I don’t understand why these DIY/Craft blog people can never actually teach me a useful craft to do.  I told my friends Tracy and Ansleigh that we could host a special fancy holiday party complete with the children making their own fascinators, and it turns out, NO one has any ideas about how to do this on their supposedly useful, creative, DIY design blogs. It turns out, they are all just too busy promoting whatever product someone is paying them to shill then to teach me how to make head fascinators for children.  Worthless blogs. I am left to my own devices with feathers and craft glue.

Also, here are two pictures of my fall morning today. This is the way the trees in my backyard looked when I took Knightley out this morning.

Yes, Fall is perfect in North Carolina.

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