It is only sometimes fun and games

Lately, being an adult with real world obligations has gotten in the way of my blogging on a regular basis. Sort of like how needing a root canal and to refloor our entire ground floor level of our home has gotten in the way of me purchasing that by Malene Birger dress that I have had my eye on or being able to buy extravagant holiday gifts for beloved family members. Hey loved ones, I love you so much that for Christmas this year, I got you….A BRAND NEW CROWN! TWO DAYS OF PAINFUL TOOTH SURGERY! I know, it is what everyone asked for this year.

So yeah, because I have had my fill of adult headaches recently, I have taken a step back from blogging a little bit.  But, I still want to comment that I live in a place where our roses bloom abundantly in the end of October.

Just check out the sky in the last photo. Hey Northeast, I know that you are all hip and awesome with all of your Wall Street owning action, but did you have a sky like that this weekend?  Oh wait, you got a snow storm this weekend, that’s right! Oh Snap! North Carolina wins again. (You really should read this line in the tone of voice that I am imagining in my head, right now.)

Also, when I feel like I have been existing too long in adult dramas, I can kick back with my friend Ainsleigh and decorate some cakes (and watch Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown).

Here are the beautiful cakes that were the results of our efforts.

Hmmm two cake entries in a row! Perhaps this explains my need for a root canal….

4 thoughts on “It is only sometimes fun and games

      1. I just showed the pics to Ainsleigh. Rippy said, “Now I need to see Mr. David and I playing lightsabers!”

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