Purely Decorative

Here is what I meant when I said I am losing my mind.

On Sunday at church, I got up to offer my testimony during Sacrament Meeting, because it has been that kind of month. By “that kind of month” I mean, there are many things that have seemingly been going wrong, but it seems pretty impossible for me to deny how much I have seen evidence of Jesus’s Christ love for me and my family. So I got up, spoke a few sentences, and then everything that I thought I was going to say went completely out of my head. I felt like a four-year old who didn’t know what to say and who needed her mommy to whisper what to say next in her ear. Only my mommy was hundreds of miles away and no one was going to whisper my thoughts in my ear in intelligible prose.  I tried to start forming sentences, and I didn’t know how to finish them. I completely choked, and by the time I made it back to my pew to sit down, I was quite sure I had been rambling on complete nonsense like that news anchor that was a big hit on You Tube that time because everyone thought she had a stroke in the middle of her broadcast. So, I sort of had a mini-meltdown, and then I realized that I still had to teach Sunday School class that day, offering up yet another opportunity for me to stumble over the English language.

I used to be good with words. Some even once thought I was eloquent, but now I am a complete train wreck.

Let me explain this another way. This weekend, the fictional character that I felt most similar to was Agnes Skinner. Do you remember that episode of The Simpsons when Bart is hanging out with Principal Skinner’s mom, and she has that book of pictures of cake pictures?  Bart just wants to eat the cake, and she doesn’t eat cake (because it is “too sweet”), she just likes to look at pictures of cakes, like the Lady Baltimore Cake.  This weekend, I made a cake that was almost purely for decorative purposes only.

It was a Coca Cola Chocolate Cake.

Now the fact that the picture of this cake shows a couple of slices missing might seem to indicate that this cake served as more than decoration in function.  But well, you would be wrong.  I ate a few slices because the cake was moist and delicious. It was four layers, and the chocolate frosting with Coca Cola was hands down the best chocolate frosting that I have ever made.  However, the cake was primarily decorative, because the fact remains that the only two people outside of work with whom I interact in person on a routine basis is David and Sarah.  David doesn’t like chocolate or desserts. He ate part of one piece and said it was too rich for him.  Sarah has been off any kind of sugar for the past six months.  I can’t give chocolate to Knightley because he is a dog. I can’t (or rather shouldn’t) eat a whole four layer chocolate cake myself; particularly when I consider that cake was made with six sticks of butter.  I don’t need a pound and a half of butter in my arteries.  So I looked at the cake for a few days, and then had to throw it away.

I am so dumb that I didn’t even think to make the cake on my cake carrier with a lid so that I theoretically could have transported it to work. Nope. I made it on my pretty cake plate and the realized that I couldn’t transfer it without destroying the whole cake.

Purely, deliciously decorative.

Sort of like these blogs – the Mormon fashion blogs.

Look, our religion takes enough flack from people out there without these blogs bringing it on our community ourselves by promoting ourselves in surface-level terms. Like we need anything more vapid.

2 thoughts on “Purely Decorative

  1. I’m sorry you feel that the collection of fashion blogs label Mormons more vapid than necessary. That was certainly not the point of it when I started fashion blogging and I’m sure it’s not for others as well. It was my way of being creative with the little clothes and money I had two and a half years ago to create new outfits every day and to find my own sense of style within my values of modesty. And, quite frankly, I am pretty happy with how that turned out. I certainly don’t feel like even though we Mormons have certain clothing restrictions regarding our modesty that we need to sacrifice personal style.

    And if that cake is going to continue being a decoration, I would certainly be glad to take it off your hands. It would be gone in five minutes. Maybe three, tops.

    1. Look, I understand your point, and it’s fine if we disagree. If it helps people, that’s fine. It is just my opinion, and I find ithose blogs vapid. Other people may not agree with that, and that’s okay. The world isn’t going to end because I don’t like blogs that show other people how they dress every day. I don’t like blogs that treat people as decorative objects, and in my opinion, that is what these “fashion” blogs do. Somehow, for at least 150 years, Mormon women managed to wake up in the morning and put on clothing without the aid of blogs. And maybe, it just annoys me when Mormons do it more, because I think of all the things that we want to express to the world in terms of how we view ourselves, things that are seen on the surface are about the last thing that I find really important.

      I happen to like clothes and fashion too. I have mentioned clothes that I like on my stupid blog. However, I know in the grand scheme of things, that is probably a pretty shallow component of myself. Everyone likes to look good and feel pretty, and I am not saying that there is anything wrong with that. I just don’t like it when that is all that we put out to the world about ourselves. Fashion blogging, in my view, is one diminsional and only portraying women as something to be looked at. If it is one component of a much more complicated look at the life of a human being, that is different.

      However, let me point out something to you by way of comparison. How many Mormon male fashion blogs are there? I am not saying that if there were 100 male Mormon fashion blogs that would make it any better, but I am pointing out that the distinction probably says something about the relative views of appearance in terms of gender. That bothers me, a lot.

      I am sorry if I offended you on my blog, I really don’t get offended by other people’s opinions, so thanks for your comment. The only people who read my blog are friends and family who generally share my opinion, so I sometimes say things that I know that people who know me well also agree with, and take for granted what other people might think. I wish you all of the best. I am sure that there are many other people who think like you and are supportive of the Mormon fashion blogging movement, and so my dislike of it is probably pretty insignificant. I don’t know you as a person, so I am not commenting on your merit as a human being, so I really hope that you don’t take it to personally. I am just saying that Mormon fashion blogs are vapid to me.

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