East Coast vs. West Coast

If you had to spend an evening watching a group of men that looked like this –

Or that looked like this –

Which would you prefer on the basis of looks?  If you answered Band A, then something tells me that you are suited to life on the East Coast where you can appreciate a man in a nice fitting suit and collared shirts with v-neck sweaters.  If you answered B, you probably belong on the West Coast living in a yurt lacking indoor plumbing.

In case you couldn’t tell, I would pick Band A, obviously.

But that is beside the point, because last night in the pouring rain I was able to hear both bands, The Walkmen and Fleet Foxes respectively, perform in Raleigh. Personal style-wise, I prefer the former, but I do love the music of the latter too.  Sadly, because of the rain or the lazy crowd, The Walkmen didn’t play for that long. They didn’t play my New York City 2004-2005 anthem, The Rat (the song above), that pretty much defined my life in the city.  Fleet Foxes, being used to gray Seattle weather, had less of a problem playing in the pouring rain.  It was all fun and games until the audio broke, and then when the music stopped, I realized that the rain had soaked through my four layers of clothing and that I was way too old to be risking pneumonia by standing in pouring rain for hours.

Also, while I greatly appreciate the Fleet Foxes musical talents, their in between song comments really were annoying. Why is it that they resorted back to Seattle’s Standard English Dictionary which only consists of about ten words when they aren’t singing?

Look, people, I am East Coast. I wear a Lacoste belted trench coat in the rain, not a camping slicker.

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