School Picture Day

Look people, I know I have been slow in updating the blog lately.  I am tired, busy, and stressed out, so sue me. I haven’t been able to sleep more than a couple of hours on any given night and to top it all off, today was school picture day. Since I declined to have my photo taken last year for the website, I still have no photo on my faculty profile page. I figured this year I would finally need to rectify that and actually sign up for a session with the photographer the law school hired this year.  Only last night, I couldn’t sleep at all, because in addition to agonizing over all of the things that have been stressing me out lately, I added to that stress the reoccurring thought that I wasn’t going to get any sleep and I was going to look old and tired for my picture today. Self fulfilling prophesy!  Love that!

I will eventually actually post something interesting on this blog, but I cannot predict when.  A day? Next week? Five years from now?  Posthumously?  I really can’t say.  But when was the last time that I really had anything interesting to say, anyway?

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