Hotty Toddy, What a Party!

I have a record of sometimes not being particularly thoughtful when it comes to major decisions that I have to make and just accepting the past of least resistance.  That is certainly what I did when I made the decision about where to go to law school. I realized that the idea of carrying a huge student debt terrified me, so I immediately crossed off the schools where I was accepted that would have required me to take out some kind of student loans. That even included Tulane and Washington and Lee where I was offered some form of scholarships that weren’t enough for me to avoid debt. Ultimately, that left me with two choices, staying at BYU or going to the University of Mississippi, that actually was going to give me a full ride plus $10,000 per year as living expenses. It was a tempting offer when I thought that maybe I would like to be a small town Mississippi attorney who could revel in gothic landscapes worthy of a Faulkner novel.  But ultimately, I decided to go to BYU because I thought, maybe small town Mississippi wouldn’t always be enough for me.

If I would have witnessed what I did last Saturday before making that decision, I might have decided differently.  What would have changed my mind?  Last Saturday, as a late birthday present to my dad, we took him and Mom to the BYU/Ole Miss game (Dad went to State). Hands down, tailgating in the Grove presents the best party masquerading as a football game in America.

As a BYU fan, granted, I was an outsider looking in.  But everything about it was pretty terrific.  The BYU Alumni Association even did it up right by getting food catered from Taylor Grocery.  It was the best food that I ever had from any BYU affiliated event (even topping those beloved meals at the Museum Cafe of my freshman year). Even though they didn’t get the catfish that Taylor Grocery is really known for, the pulled pork barbecue lunch was still a treat.

Other highlights:

The Ole Miss fans dressed in their Sunday best: BYU fans, please save the t-shirts for yard work! There is nothing finer that going to a ball game looking sharp.

The “Hotty Toddy Potty”

The elaborate lawn-to-lawn tent setups complete with satellite TVs and fine fixin’s, nestled under the tall oaks!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. There was an actual football game too.  BYU pulled it out in the last quarter, which made my side victorious. However, I couldn’t help but feel a little bad for all of the Old Miss faithful who had been such gracious hosts.

What they say about Ole Miss is true – they may not win all they games, but they definitely have never lost a party!

Lesson learned. My advice to decision-makers is this, don’t just take the past of least resistance your entire life, because ten years down the road, you will be second guessing every decision that you ever made.

A good time was had by all, including David, who isn’t a BYU fan. I should note, that as the pictures below demonstrate, my family did our best to raise the dressing standards among Cougar fans. I wore a dress (but not heels like the sorority girls; instead I wore the topsiders favored by the fraternity boys), David and Dad wore collared shirts (David in a Pensacola Polo by Billy Reid), and Mom wore white linen.  After all, you can still be properly Southern and cheer for the Cougars.

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