I Promise I will stop…

Yes, I do have other things to talk about.  But just as Rick Perry says in this interview, “I don’t have the privilege of sitting on the sidelines.”  Yes, if Rick Perry gets to use a nonsensical phrase like that, then I get to use it too, to explain why I can’t just sit back and listen to that man talk nonsense and run for President.

Don’t take my word for it, listen to his stupidity on display in his own words.

Here you can listen to a weekend interview he gave with Laura Ingraham, who is also a talking idiot.  Obviously, she is a favorable audience for him. At the beginning of the interview, she is fawning all over him. However, by about six and a half minutes into the interview, when she asks him about China, and he gives some vague nonsense answer, even she starts to question that maybe he is an idiot after all. It is actually quite hilarious to listen to his answer, that is, until you realize that this idiot could be our President and could be speaking with other heads of state. To Rick Perry, the failure of America to build a fighter jet is an example of bad diplomacy?  What the…?

Other favorite highlights of the interview:

When Rick Perry talks about the nation standing on the “precip”(at about 3:30), I realize that this guy is even dumber than I thought.  I think he meant we stand on the “precipice.” The word “precip” is actually a shortened form of precipitation, and I am not sure how the nation is standing on the precipitation.

Rick Perry talking about international trade exhibits just how he earned that “D” in “Principles of Economics” at Texas A&M. It is nonsense words at their worst.

Rick Perry speaking off the cuff, unscripted, is just a horrible display of poor grammar, syntax and generally poorly formed sentences.  I would be humiliated to have this guy speaking on behalf of America.

Rick Perry stating he is “not an establishment figure” is also a laugh inducing moment (Listen around 5:45). Nope, he is just a career politician. I think that is the very definition of an “establishment figure.”  He goes on to call Washington D.C., a “seedy” place, as if his record in Texas is indicative of anything but kickbacks and cronyism.  To hear his slime is to throw up a little bit in your own mouth.

Rick Perry admits he doesn’t know where Martha’s Vineyard is.  This proves my point that this dude doesn’t know geography beyond the state of Texas. Hey Rick, you may not like them, but there are still American citizens that live on Martha’s Vineyard. I doubt any of them would be voting for you, though, at least not now.

Again, America, you still have time. Don’t elect this guy or nominate him even.

And I promise, the next blog post will be Rick Perry free.

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