Working from Home

Today finally hints that weeks of constant triple digit temps my finally be at an end here in North Carolina. It is a gloriously, perfect day by any definition. Coincidentally, I had planned to work from home today in order to have some uninterrupted time to prep for my class (the first day of class at the law school is in two weeks).  So it is just particularly nice that today I get to work from the ideal comfort of my screened-in back porch. 

I wish every day at the office could be like this.  I have all the essentials I need:

My laptop

A large Diet Coke

A perfectly wonderful companion named Knightley who either is sleeping under my chair (perfectly positioned so I am able to reach down and stroke his head every few minutes) or watching the squirrels keep busy in the trees.


I honestly believe every person in the world should have a screened porch sanctuary as perfect as mine – shady, free from bugs, and positioned to look at eye level in the tree canopy.  If not that, then I wish people at least had a sanctuary at their own home where they could feel as calm and peaceful as this, even though I am realizing how much I have to do to get ready for the school year.

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