Tracksuit Thursday

I think a partial root cause of the recent riots in England could be explained by the limited wardrobe choices of a a particular segment of the British population. If my only choices in clothing were to wake up in the morning and decide which tracksuit and pair of trainers to wear before wasting away my day, I might understand the inclination to riot.  People, take off the Adidas! Liberate yourself from the Reebok! You might wake up the next day and desire to suddenly become a more productive member of society; Or at the very least, you may not desire to loot and steal other tracksuits and trainers.

I have been informed this kind of person that wears a tracksuit and is a rowdy youth may be referred to as a “chav” (although, that could be out of fashion now).  I am sure that is meant as an insult by people of more superior social standing.

In the meantime, you can enjoy this novel take on photos of the looters, who have been photoshopped for great comical effect.

The fact is, as much as we have serious economic class issues in the United States, it doesn’t even come close to the range of class issues in a place like the UK where you throw in additional levels of class that we don’t even have in the US – titled aristocrats and royalty. Some celebrities like to fancy themselves akin to the nobility of the old world, but probably have more in common with the “chavs” than the earls.  No reasonable person in America actually takes a Hollywood celebrity seriously about anything, at least I would hope.

In America, the rich are as morally depraved as the poor (and the middle class), and it is probably that way in the UK too.  In the UK, at least, the truly rich and powerful (not the football stars or reality television stars) put on such a nice act of noble reserve and high-mindedness.

Of course, I do enjoy reading the British press’ take on America (in between their round the clock riot coverage which has now conveniently filled in the empty hole that developed in the press when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge returned to their quiet life in Wales away from public engagements). Why just today I learned in a British newspaper that many Democrats wish that they would have chosen Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for President over Barack Obama in 2008.  Didn’t I predict this a long time ago?  If only I could have a backyard cookout and invite all of those people who attended my neighborhood Democratic Presidential Caucus in Wallingford.  I could sit them down to a lunch of their disgusting soy burgers, and then suddenly, jump on top of the table and start kicking their plates to the ground, shouting, “I was right, you fools! You should have listened to me instead of that hipster college kid who hadn’t showered for several weeks! You should have sided with me instead of being persuaded by meaningless popularity and catch phrases. Now get out of my backyard! I hold you responsible if Rick Perry gets elected in 2012!”

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