On the Uses of Twitter

Since I returned home from DC on Sunday afternoon, I realized that I am going to be a bit of a homebody for a while. I don’t have any travel plans scheduled until Labor Day weekend. So I have used my new shut-in status to catch up on a few things like my Twitter feed.

I don’t Tweet myself, but I do follow a random assortment of people on Twitter including the following: every North Carolina basketball player currently on Twitter, Clarence House and the British Monarchy (for official Royal updates); Kaka, Christian Ronaldo, the Real Madrid Team; Nicholas Kristof; Burberry and Billy Reid; and the Arcade Fire.

I have learned important information via Twitter like that John Henson and I would really get along because of our curiosity in bizarre animals. For example, instead of Shark Week on the discovery channel, he proposed a “Lemur Week,”Aardvark Week,” “Sloth Week,” or “Howling Monkey Week.” He also is obsessed with Jersey Mike’s subs (Which I have never had, but now I think I might want to try if John Henson likes them so much. After all, that is the point of Twitter to get us to consume more via the recommendations of others. ).

I ordinarily check Twitter about once a month.  I am in shock that people with average lives like mine find things to Tweet about daily. This is why I have no interest in Tweeting myself or reading the Tweets of people who I actually know. Unless you are Kendall Marshall and are going to be tearing it up on the basketball court, or doing else something similar of interest, I don’t really care what you are eating for lunch.  Now if you are John Henson and you want to propose a “Honey Badger Week” on the Discovery Channel, then by all means, Tweet away.  I probably will be nodding my head in agreement.

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