It’s Always Something in in Philadelphia

I went to Philadelphia last week for the annual meeting of the American Association of Law Librarians. It was hot, I was tired after the first day, and I took only a few pictures.

The first was of the terrible food at the opening social.  If you were to judge all food in Philadelphia by the offerings in this picture, you would assume that all food in Philadelphia must start with the letter “K” and feature a prominent display of the Philadelphia Phillies emblem:

Perhaps because this kind of food is celebrated in Philadelphia as being worthy of welcoming large conventions to the city, Philly ends up tops in polls by Travel and Leisure like this one.

I did eat some better food once in Philadelphia.  We went to a place called Dandelion, that was modeled as a hip British pub sort of place, and the fish and chips was alright.  Here, I caught up with some library school chums, which led to the only other pictures of my time in Philadelphia:

Professional conferences involving librarians do not lend themselves to many golden photo opportunities. They do, however, offer up plenty of opportunities for self-mockery.

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