In the Grove

David and I went to Asheville this weekend to celebrate my birthday, and we stayed at the Grove Park Inn. It was our first time staying in this picturesque resort, and we really loved it. Although it was overcast for most of the weekend, everything was absolutely beautiful. It was perfect weather for relaxation, which is what we did.  We spent some time at the spa and in the multiple pools at the Grove Park. We also spent lots of times in gardens in the Asheville area. Since moving to North Carolina, both David and I are obsessed with gardens.  Suddenly, we live in a place that is very green and it just makes us want to be cultivators and tenders of the land.

The Inn itself was built around the turn of the last century and its architecture is completely different.

I love it too because F. Scott Fitzgerald spent two lazy, unproductive summers here in the 1930s.  When I am thinking about where I want to be lazy and unproductive, I don’t mind it being a place with a history of dubiously talented people wasting away hours.  The rooms where he stayed are marked with a plaque, and was one of the first things I wanted to see at the Inn.

But did you know that other legitimately talented people also stayed at the Grove Park?

Legendary Coach Dean Smith also stayed at the Grove Park Inn, but we couldn’t locate his room plaque (with over 500 rooms now, it isn’t easy to do).  However, we did see the room of the coach that made wearing that hat famous:

The Grove Park Inn, go for the celebrity room plaque sightings! Stay for the glorious views of the Blue Ridge Mountains (and inevitable golf course, of course)!

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