Life – Post

I don’t yet want to be done posting about South Africa, although, I am pretty sure the audience of people who might have had interest at some point in time has long since dwindled down in number. To break it up, here is one updating post about what we have been up to since being back.

Not much. There, I am done.

Seriously, we have been taking it pretty easy since being back. We have seen several movies (I did enjoy Midnight in Paris, in spite of myself) and I have been doing a fair amount of cooking.  For example, for 4th of July weekend we celebrated America with lamb burgers with homemade tzatziki sauce, gazpacho with shrimp, chicken enchiladas with the best tomatillo-chile sauce I have ever made, and of course, I got around to making a melktart.  I know, you are thinking “What a quintessentially American weekend menu!” For the melktart,  I improvised with a couple of recipes as starting points, but it came out pretty good, for my first try.  I enjoyed infusing the milk with vanilla bean and cinnamon and loved the browned topping of brown sugar and cinnamon.  It was pretty close in flavor to the one that I liked so much at Shamwari, although these pictures are probably less reflective of the deliciousness of it. I am no food photographer, nor will I ever employ one.

We have been aided in our All-American cooking by our garden.  Here is David showcasing some of the lettuce that he just picked for our dinner salad, and one perfectly formed cucumber that we found that day.

Here is a visual representation of the best part of what I love about being home:

That would be David, sleeping on our screened-in porch, holding Knightley (in serious need of a summer haircut). Coming home from South Africa made me very sad, because it was such a wonderful vacation, but at least I have those three things above to make it better. This is normal life.

This weekend we are headed to Asheville and next week my parents will be here in North Carolina!  That will make this American life even better.

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