Fun in the Fynbos: The Cape Floral Kingdom

   One of the aspects of South Africa, and more specifically the Cape, that makes it truly unique is that it is the only place in the world that you can encounter the fynbos floral kingdom.  Also, the Fynbos biome is the only floral kingdom in the world that exists completely within the borders of one nation.  That is why it is called the Cape Floral Kingdom.  To experience all of this unique beauty, we went to Kirstenbosch Gardens, which is probably one of the most beautiful gardens that I ever visited.  We were able to spot glimpses of the first blooming proteas, including a King Protea, the national flower of South Africa (FYI – Proteas and all of the flowers featured here are only native to South Africa. They have been imported to Hawaii, so don’t tell me how you can get the same flowers in Hawaii). Amazingly, these flowers bloom in winter!

Seriously, a garden like Kirstenbosch is completely different.  It feels otherworldly.

Some places felt quite prehistoric. I half expected a Triceratops to emerge from the trees. Those are the old cycads:

Also, did you know that these floral faves of Americans originated in Southern Africa?  Now it makes me even happier that I used some calla lilies in my wedding!

The bird of paradise flower is native to South Africa too! Now I love it even more.

Of course, in a setting this beautiful, we ended up taking far too many photos of ourselves, some of them incredibly silly.

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