Happiness Under African Skies

 I don’t know why it is exactly, but when I am in Africa, I become the best possible version of myself.  I experience happiness in a way that probably few people other than my family have seen. Unfortunately, my family members also have witnessed my worst self at times. In particular, David has to deal with this bad Leslie on many occasions.  So, it was probably nice for him that for two weeks, he was able to see me on my best behavior.  In Africa, I am more extroverted, friendly, and hilarious than I ever am in my normal life.  I am at ease with other people and with myself more so than ever.  But more than that, I am so very happy.

How can you not be when you are under skies as perfect as this?

Light as perfect as that make faces look as perfect as this:

The only place out of Africa that I have personally witnessed that kind of perfect light is at my parents’ farm in Mississippi.  And South Africa treated us to one beautiful sunset after another:

This is what happiness looks like for me:

At Hout Bay
At the Castle of Good Hope
Cracking myself up
Imperfectly Happy Photo at the top of Table Mountain
Kickin’ back with some Coca Cola Light
In Kirstenbosch Gardens
At Groot Constantia Vineyard
Silliness with the Ape Sculptures in Kirstenbosch

Readily availabile quantities of this probably helped:

For the next few weeks, I will try to recount as many stories from our trip to South Africa as possible on my blog.  I took over 1,000 pictures, but I will try to put just the best ones on the blog.  Of course, even my best words and pictures will imperfectly convey this wonderful place.  Nonetheless, in writing about it, I hope to carry that same sense of well-being and happiness that so captivated me there back to my ordinary life.  I want to continue beaming.

5 thoughts on “Happiness Under African Skies

  1. Yay! So glad you had a great time (didn’t expect anything less) 🙂 I, too, look forward to more posts and pics!

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