Brobee’s Demise, and Other Tales from a 1st Birthday

This little boy turned one on Saturday, and I headed to Texas to celebrate! Important family members were present, and I was reminded of all of the things that make people in my family so great.

There is Dad –

My dad is unique in his ability to sniff out a potential electrical problem with a running dishwasher, that he can then repair, and then install a new sink disposal without even breaking a sweat.

There is Mom-

She fills the role of matriarch in the family not only by ensuring that her only grandson, Harry, steers clear of dangerous situations (like not sticking his hand in mysterious holes in the ground as he is attempting to do here), but also making sure older children stay protected too. After all, the level of baboon threats have escalated since the last time I went to Africa. In 1998, I was informed that I needed to be prepared for random baboon attacks of violence, but now, I have to be prepared for baboons having taken over entire cities! 

There is Melissa –

Melissa is the best possible mother that Harry could possibly have and went out of her way to make sure that he had a great first birthday, even if it meant having to deal with Brobee’s revenge at 1:00 am.

There is Jordan –

Jordan is a real hands on dad, and here, stresses the importance of Harry learning at a young age what to do when threatened with potential gun violence.  It’s never to early to be prepared!

Then, there is me, of course –

After all, what family gathering can be complete without the ridiculous, childless aunt making a fool of herself to try to entertain other people’s children?

Seriously, though, the party and the weekend were incredible fun and a good time was had by all.  Well, except for Brobee, that is.  He got half-eaten, then thoroughly demolished due to a top-heavy toy box.

Oh wait, I can take a picture and not be ridiculous:

One thought on “Brobee’s Demise, and Other Tales from a 1st Birthday

  1. You captured lots of great moments. I love your observations on what’s taking place. Harry is always looking for little places to poke his hand into.

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