Organic Gardening with the Prince

Sorry for the excessive pictures of our rose garden, but I thought they looked great two weeks ago, when I had no idea that they would be so completely full of blooms as they are right now. It is unbelievable how many roses that there are in bloom right now!

Because David has been so hard at work in the yard, I ordered him a book from Amazon that arrived yesterday as a small present. The book is The Elements of Organic Gardening, by The Prince of Wales.  As it turns out, David and Prince Charles have quite a bit in common.  When Prince Charles spoke at the Future of Food Conference at Georgetown a couple of weeks ago, I emailed David the speech, because I knew that it was all things that David believed as well. From the book, I have learned that David has even more in common with Prince Charles than an affection for composting piles.  Theyalso both love brussel spouts and varieties of potatoes!

With all that we wish we could do, our half-acre lot size just doesn’t seem enough.  I am a bit jealous of Highgrove and the natural reed pond water filtration.  I was kidding myself for all of those years that I swore I wanted to live in the city. It was a sham. I need the country. David would love to spend years tending the perfect gardens, and I would be like the Duchess of Cornwall, coming and clipping flowers here and there for my informal arrangements.

Oh well, we may not be able to enjoy a wildflower meadow, a formal topiary garden, and a walled vegetable garden right now, but at least we have the roses.

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