When I Feel Sorry For People

Sometimes, I feel quite sorry for people who don’t get to experience life in a world that is this green:

Of course, those people who live their lives in the absence of so many shades of green in spring probably have no idea what they are missing. 

David, Knightley and I spent most of Easter weekend at Grammy’s house on Lake Norman. We also visited Aunt Sarah and Uncle Rick at their horse farm outside of Charlotte.  Those are two beautiful, calm places.  After terrible storms in North Carolina, what nature gives us in exchange is lush greenscapes unparalleled in other parts of the country in the month of April.  A long time ago, the Indigo Girls wrote a song about the Southland in the Springtime, and I am still quite sure that its words are true:

And there’s something ’bout the Southland in the springtime
Where the waters flow with confidence and reason
Though I miss her when I’m gone it won’t ever be too long
Till I’m home again to spend my favorite season

With Uncle Rick and DJ, one of their award winning Arabian Horses

Knightley feels sad for dogs, too. In particular, he feels sad for dogs who don’t have giant lakes to swim in (or even better, special doggie stairs that they can use to enter the lake).

North Carolina. You should be so lucky as to live here.

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